Assembling Super Frames for Your Beehives

Having made the video, I find myself somewhat at a loss for anything else to say on the subject – the video pretty well covers it all.

What You’ll Need:

  • Frame parts: comprising top bar, 2 sides and 2 bottom bits
  • Pins: these usually come with the frame parts, but if not the standard are gimp pins 19mm, 20g. The recommendation is 11 per frame – I have always used 7 and never had a frame fall apart
  • Wax Foundation: preferably wired to ensure the comb doesn’t collapse in the honey extractor. Also provides three anchor points for the pins
  • Hammer: a small one will do. The one I use in the video is far too large – you could use it to demolish motorways!
  • Flat Head Screwdriver: or a similar device that can be used as a lever

A super-worth of frame should take around 30 minutes to knock up. And if anyone could let me know what those bottom bits of the frame are called, that’d be great.

Enjoy the video and please excuse my shorts (and the legs that sprout from them) – it was a hot day and I hadn’t appreciated how focused on them the camera was!