Best Seed Tray Ever?

Growbag Seedtray
Look upon my works, ye mighty, and despair of those brittle, little seed trays and the tiny pots made out of peat. Instead, get a growbag tray (£8-10) and thereafter buy only a single growbag (or two, depending on your veg plot size) each season, costing about £3.
Hey presto, you have a single, extremely tough, seed tray that can be moved to wherever you need it – perfect for hardening the plants before planting as you can pop the tray outside during the day and bring it in again in the evening.
And when one set of seeds is ready to plant, dig them out, safely leaving the other seedlings unaffected. Works for me just perfect!

Seedlings getting on with it

Seedlings loving it!

No, don’t thank me. Just get one…