Cover-to-Cover: Judges 1-8

Cover-to-Cover: Judges 1-8
Series: Cover-To-Cover Bible Studies
Publisher: CWR
Publication Year: 2012
Length: 72
ISBN: 9781853456817

The Spiral of Faith: As one of the goriest, blood-thirsty books in the Bible, Judges is often avoided both in the pulpit and in personal Bible reading. But at its heart this book is a great story of faith in God, with much to teach us...

About the Book
Judges 1-8: The Spiral of Faith

This study guide, ideal for small groups, covers the first eight chapters of Judges, looking at the lives of Othniel, Ehud, Deborah and Gideon.

The Israelites were stuck in a cycle of behaviour: worshipping idols instead of God; being oppressed by a foreign nation; crying out to God for help; being provided with a judge to deliver them, worshipping idols instead of God, and so on. And far from learning from their mistakes, the Israelites got progressively worse as the cycles unfolded.

These seven studies (with icebreakers, discussion starters, leader’s notes and more) will help us to see through this downward spiral and discover that Judges is a book all about faith – the importance of faith, what can be achieved when we work together with God, how faith can be demonstrated in the way we live, God’s commitment to growing and shaping our faith and in addition the things that can damage our faith.

A Helpful Guide! – 5Stars
Whenever I dive into the bible and it’s teaching, I love to have a background of history, or even a notation on the side to help me understand the (often) confusing language and story that is written. Getting into Judges, I was a bit nervous; it didn’t seem to be a lighthearted book by any means! Phin Hall, author of Judges 1 – 8 – Cover to Cover Bible Study gave me that extra guidance I needed throughout. I actually brought it into the Bible group I am a part of, so that we might piece it apart together. It’s an easy read, and obviously covers the first 8 chapters looking at the lives of Gideon, Deborah, Othniel, and Ehud. The first part of Judges really just shows how off track the human race is and was then, worshipping idols and living in sin. It really turns into a rotation of sinning, asking for forgiveness, and sinning once again.

I love how the study guide is broken up into weeks, as this really helped my group take it piece by piece. Hall words his contributions very well making the section understandable and relatable to 2013. Working my way through, I hope to read other guides by him that can give me a enhanced understanding as it did with Judges.

It’s Good – 5Stars
A very easy to read book . Phin really helps to simplify the bible as well as being informative and this book is good for that. I rate this very highly. 😉

Well worth reading if you want to look at the faithfulness of God and how it can impact everyday life – 5Stars
Overall I liked the way this booklet is a suitable study for individuals and groups alike. It is full of detail of characters in Judges that I have not previously looked at, I also like the ‘seeing Jesus’ section which links Jesus into chapters of the Old Testament.
It is not expensive especially considering the amount of information packed in and there is room for you to write your own responses.
You can do as much or little as you like but will, I’m sure, learn something new about God and his love and faithfulness.
Suitable for anyone seeking the truth about God, and for Christians who want to understand the importance of the book of Judges.