What Happens When We Die

What Happens When We Die
Series: What the Bible Says, Book 4
Publisher: Lundarien Press
Publication Year: 2013
Length: 52 Pages
ISBN: 9780992830687

The questions of whether there is life after death and what it might be like, have been discussed and debated throughout history. There are so many conflicting answers suggested, it seems no one really knows.

About the Book
What Happens When We Die?

Though death is not something most people do not revel in thinking about, it is the one thing that awaits all of us without exception. The fear of death is often really a fear of the unknown: “Is death the end?” “Is there life after death?” “What should I expect?” “And will I really have to sit on a cloud strumming a harp from the rest of eternity?”

This short book attempts to answer these, and other, questions about what happens when we die, specifically drawing on what the Bible really says on the matter.