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Assembling Super Frames for Your Beehives

Having made the video, I find myself somewhat at a loss for anything else to say on the subject – the video pretty well covers it all.

What You’ll Need:

  • Frame parts: comprising top bar, 2 sides and 2 bottom bits
  • Pins: these usually come with the frame parts, but if not the standard are gimp pins 19mm, 20g. The recommendation is 11 per frame – I have always used 7 and never had a frame fall apart
  • Wax Foundation: preferably wired to ensure the comb doesn’t collapse in the honey extractor. Also provides three anchor points for the pins
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Keeping Up The Beekeeping

A picture I will never show anyone. Ever.

A picture I will never show anyone. Ever.

I’m often mocked for being a beekeeper. Not because I look ridiculous in my bee suit (although there’s no argument – I do), but because I’m not a great fan of honey and I’m allergic to bee stings.

To be fair, I didn’t know I had an allergy until I started to keep bees, but I soon found out as you can see, when I was stung in the lip:

The bees, evidently finding this just as amusing as everyone else (except me), decided to spend the next season stinging me at … Read More

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