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Draft Screenplay Manuscript and my ‘Drafts List’

Eight months ago, I got the opportunity to write a screenplay and, at last, the second draft is complete. I call this the ‘Clothes Rack’ draft. This is where the story gets written in full for the first time, but it’s still only a general sense of how the final story will be – it’s like a wardrobe full of clothes, that can now be shifted around, added to and taken away, though the general shape will remain the same.

In case you’re interested, this is the full list of drafts I go through before handing the work over for … Read More

New Audiobook – No Time to Stand and Stare

As the title suggests, I have a new audiobook coming out. It’s due to be released on Audible later this month (May 2017), but it will be right here on this site in just a few days!

I’d like to say a big thank you to my son, David, who edited the mess of audio I gave him, and even managed to get the whole thing finished up by the end of April. Good job!

Watch this space…… Read More

WWII Screenplay

An exciting opportunity has arisen to write a screenplay based on a specific aspect of World War II. Having spent the last month or so researching – reading every book on the topic and watching what felt like most of YouTube – I am now starting work on plotting out the scenes.

Just thought I’d share that. And you never know, you might even get the chance to watch it on the big screen one day…… Read More

NaNoWriMo 2016 – The Journey Begins

So, with only a vague idea of where this book is headed, I have set out on the voyage to write the third in the Omnifex Chronicles: Montgomery’s Fear of the Dark.

The aim to get 50-60 thousand words written by the end of November, which will hopefully make up the entire first draft. Subsequent drafts will grow the book by up to 20% as plots reveal themselves and have to be tidied up and have back stories added etc. Most of the plots emerge as the book’s being written, but the main one (and a few side plots) … Read More

New Voice for Montgomery Book 3

Now that I have a tentative title and a possible plot for the third Montgomery book – “Montgomery’s Fear of the Dark” – I have decided to change the voice for this one. By voice, I really mean the book’s point-of-view. For Montgomery’s Trouble in the Underworld and Montgomery’s Battle with Atlantis, the whole story is told from Montgomery’s point-of-view. This worked fine for what was a fairly straightforward plot, even with a few twists and turns, but book 3 is going to be faster paced and with more story strands woven together. At this point in the planning … Read More

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