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My Podiobooks Experience

PodiobooksHaving recently published the audiobook of Montgomery’s Trouble in the Underworld on Audible and iTunes via ACX – read about the experience here – I thought I’d give Podiobooks a whirl.

Unlike the others I just mentioned, Podiobooks is a platform for offering audiobooks FREE OF CHARGE.

Yes – FREE!

As with ACX, there is a fairly strict set of formatting criteria that you have to adhere to, but it’s not that much of a hassle. And there’s a host of people on hand, online, to help you get it right. For the full list of requirements, you need to … Read More

ACX Now Open To UK Authors – My Experience

Montgomery on Audible

Montgomery on Audible

The Audiobook Creation Exchange, which enables independent authors to submit audiobooks to Audible and iTunes, has been the privilege of US residents only since its inception in 2011. Now, however, it has opened up its doors to us in the UK…. so I thought I’d give it a shot.

Why not?

And, to my surprise, it was a clear, straightforward process. One reason for this is that I already had the audio recorded and processed, using Audacity ( and a Shure PG42 (oh, yes!), so the first thing to do was to create mp3 … Read More

Free Ebook & Audiobook
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