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No Time To Stand And Stare – RELEASED!

NT2-banneradIt’s official – No Time To Stand And Stare is finally published in ebook and paperback formats. The audiobook will be coming out… when I’ve finished it.

It’s on Amazon UK and on Amazon US. Alternatively, you can get the eBook right here for only £2.49.

Please review it on Amazon or Goodreads (and anywhere else) if you read it and like it. If you don’t like it, shhh!

 … Read More

A Novel Observed #30 – Second Draft – Minor Characters

Second Draft

Second Draft

Following on from the previous post, the other area that needs to be worked on in the second draft of No Time To Stand And Stare is that of the minor characters. At present, they are somewhat flat and dull, have no clear storyline of their own or definite purpose even being in the book. This is where we need to shape that up.

So, what I’m going to do here, before I begin the second draft, is list the minor characters and consider both their personal story and their impact on the novel. The aim being … Read More

A Novel Observed #29 – Second Draft – Plot Lines

Second Draft

Writing The Second Draft

So, having got all the clay dug up and roughly shaped into the lump that is the first draft of No Time To Stand And Stay, it’s now time to start shaping the pot that will eventually become the finished novel. And that begins here, with the second draft.

Before I jump in and start ripping it all to pieces, which usually means I end up going over and over the first two chapters, there are two ‘overview’ tasks that need to be done.

Firstly, I need to consider the Main Character Plot Lines. … Read More

A Novel Observed #28 – Cover Thumbnails

Before I start work on to the second draft, it’s worth mentioning one last thing about book covers. And that thing is THUMBNAILS.

Specifically, the importance of the cover title being legible when it is displayed on Amazon as in the following mock-up:

NT2S&S - Amazon


As you can see (if you click on this image to open it full-size) both the title and author name are perfectly legible and clear. Not only that, but it’s even just readable in the mini-thumbnail beneath. Kind of.

For now, I’m happy with that cover, so now it’s time for draft two!… Read More

A Novel Observed #27 – Draft Cover

And here it is – the draft cover image for No Time To Stand And Stare.

Draft Cover NT2S&S


So far, the feedback I’ve had from people tends to be along the lines of, “What’s with the brick man?”

My attempt with this design is to communicate the sense of a peaceful day in countryside, where a man is standing, staring across a field, yet at the same time the city is ever present in the background…

Any comments or suggestions you have would be great…… Read More

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