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NaNoWriMo – My Experience part 1

NaNoWriMoNovember is an odd time for me. Not only is it my alcohol-free month of the year, ‘No-Alcohol-Vember’, but this year I’m participating in NaNoWriMo.

“NaNo what?”

NaNoWriMo. It stands for ‘National Novel Writing Month’, though it’s not really national anymore – it’s a global event. The way it works is quite simple: you create an account at, add a bit of info about yourself (as much as you feel comfortable sharing), add details about the novel you intend to write (title, description, cover if you have one, that sort of thing) and then get ready for … Read More

The Prophecy from the Omnifex Chronicles

LundarienWhen I wrote this back in August last year, I used the back of a napkin… and then used it to mop up spilled coffee, immediately forgetting a/ that I’d written it on there and b/ what I’d written. I’ve only just got round to remembering what it said.

Here, then, is the prophecy that will shape the books that follow the Underworld adventures of Montgomery Vane (aka the Omnifex Chronicles), in Iambic Pentameter, of course! It dates from some twenty-eight years before Montgomery’s arrival in Lundarien and was spoken by Calibre Morricote, the head of the Mansers.

The Prophecy

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