My NaNoWriMo 2015

M2-NaNoWriMoLast November, I took part in the worldwide authoring phenomenon that is NaNoWriMo – the (inter)National Novel Writing Month. In just 30 days, I battered away at my laptop keyboard to produce the first, 61,707 word draft of Montgomery’s Battle with Atlantis.

Yes, that’s right, the book that isn’t quite finished yet … Shh!

Although the pressure of pushing out a constant stream of two thousand words each day was fairly intense, it was a great experience being part of something global; it felt like we thousands of authors were all writing together, with a common goal to ‘WIN’ NaNoWriMo.

Win what exactly?

That little brown circle with a trophy in it, that’s what! Not to mention having the whole first draft of a novel completed.

With this in mind, and because I’ve been so taken up with other, not-exactly-writing, things, I have decided to participate again this November. But not with Montgomery book 3. Not even with Steepleford book 2 (which is in its early planning phase).


This year I’ll be starting something new. Specifically a murder mystery novel set on a fictional channel island called ‘Trinity Isle’. I am busy working through the plot for this, which is a very different process to plotting the other novels.

The working title for this book is … wait for it … Slain In The Isle.