There are few things more fun than writing

Whether it's full length novels and biographies or short stories and talks, the thrill of forging words into stories, of bringing characters to life, of creating something out of nothing, is electric - even if it is also often frustrating and complex.

And this site is where I put it all. Here you'll find my various pieces of writing, including novels, Bible books and the like, together with blog articles on microholding (aka small smallholding) which is one of my passions.

I update things as often as I can, but I'm usually busy writing, publishing, running my microholding, hanging out with the family or teaching musical instruments, so I can't promise everything will always be up to the minute.

Let me know if you have any questions. Feel free to comment on any posts, and I hope you enjoy your visit.

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New Voice for Montgomery Book 3

Now that I have a tentative title and a possible plot for the third Montgomery book – “Montgomery’s Fear of the Dark” – I have decided to change the voice for this one. By voice, I really mean the book’s point-of-view. For Montgomery’s Trouble in the Underworld and Montgomery’s Battle with Atlantis, the whole story is told from Montgomery’s point-of-view. This worked fine for what was a fairly straightforward plot, even with a few twists and turns, but book 3 is going to be faster paced and with more story strands woven together. At this point in the planning … Read More

Out Today – Montgomery’s Battle With Atlantis

M2-Paperback smallWell, it’s been a slightly longer time coming than I’d hoped, but finally, a mere six months late, the second book of Montgomery’s adventures has arrived.
The back cover blurb says:

Hundreds of metres below the city of London, thirteen year old Montgomery Vane tries to forget about his horrible new school on the Surface and master the powers he used to defeat his evil Aunt Payton. But figuring out how to control his magic is a lot harder than he hoped. And there’s no time to lose! A terrifying new threat is surging through the Underworld. If Montgomery is

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And here it is…

The new map, drawn by Jon Wotton, in all its glory!
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New Lundarien Map Underway

In preparation for the release of Montgomery’s Battle with Atlantis next month, Jon Wotton – the guy who made the map of Steepleford – is working on a new map of the Underworld city of Lundarien.

Here’s a copy of my preliminary sketch. Jon’s will, thankfully, be much better!

Lundarien SketchRead More

Slain In The Isle – Premise

12087050_10207908752864795_663010183615717111_oThe weeks are streaming past, and November is suddenly mere moments away. So, while I’m busying myself with the plot for the murder-mystery novel – which is proving to be a very different creature from plotting my other novels – I thought I’d give you the premise for the story.

It goes as follows:

Following the death of his father, Lord Protector of Trinity Isle, our protagonist reluctantly heads into the English Channel for the funeral, hoping it will be a short (and final) visit to his old island home. Events, however, conspire against him and he soon finds himself 

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