Slain In The Isle – Premise

12087050_10207908752864795_663010183615717111_oThe weeks are streaming past, and November is suddenly mere moments away. So, while I’m busying myself with the plot for the murder-mystery novel – which is proving to be a very different creature from plotting my other novels – I thought I’d give you the premise for the story.

It goes as follows:

Following the death of his father, Lord Protector of Trinity Isle, our protagonist reluctantly heads into the English Channel for the funeral, hoping it will be a short (and final) visit to his old island home. Events, however, conspire against him and he soon finds himself drawing into investigating his father’s possibly-suspicious death. Old friends and new raise up to offer assistance, but the string of deaths that follow suck him deeper and deeper into island life. Will he ever get to leave?

From this vantage point (i.e. before I start writing), my hope is to present Trinity Isle as a humorously insular place, full of bizarre rituals and eccentric characters – a strange but amusing backdrop to the terrible deaths that take place there.

One thing that has me stumped, however, is what the protagonist should be called.