How To Hear From God

Does God speak to us? And if so how do we recognize His voice, and is it even important? These and other questions are tackled in this talk on hearing God’s voice.


This Sunday evening ‘youth’ talk looks at our universal quest for peace. The sermon goes through the failure to find peace with the world, and inner peace, to look at the real problem and its solution.

The Lowly King

Taking Philippians 2:5-8, the focus for this last Sunday before Christmas was on the great humility and lowliness of Jesus, who gave up everything for us.

Nicene Creed: I Believe In God

The Nicene Creed contains foundational doctrine – statements of faith which should shape our lives. This opening talk in the series focuses on the declarations about the One God.

Church History: Pentecost to Persecution

This first talk in the series on Church History traces the first three centuries of the Church as it grew and spread despite great opposition.

New Testament Studies – Romans to Revelation

Taking the epistles in chronological order, this WordPlus talk attempts to convey the background, key verses and a summary of the message of each one.

It Is Finished!

Just before Jesus died on the cross, He uttered these words: “It is finished.” But what, exactly, is finished? This talk takes a broad sweep of the Bible to find out what Jesus has done for us.

Introduction to VITAL books

The VITAL series of books has a video to introduce each of the sixteen areas of spiritual discipline. This in an introduction to the series as a whole. See below for  a link to the full list of videos.


Links to series of talks:

What Happens When We Die – 3 videos

Prayer – 2 videos

Giving – 3 videos

Spiritual Discipline – 6 videos

Colossians – 7 videos

Judges – 4 videos

Sex & Relationships – 4 videos

The Nicene Creed – 4 videos

Church History – 4 videos

Luke’s Gospel – 5 videos

John’s First Epistle – 3 videos

VITAL books – 17 videos