The Prophecy from the Omnifex Chronicles

LundarienWhen I wrote this back in August last year, I used the back of a napkin… and then used it to mop up spilled coffee, immediately forgetting a/ that I’d written it on there and b/ what I’d written. I’ve only just got round to remembering what it said.

Here, then, is the prophecy that will shape the books that follow the Underworld adventures of Montgomery Vane (aka the Omnifex Chronicles), in Iambic Pentameter, of course! It dates from some twenty-eight years before Montgomery’s arrival in Lundarien and was spoken by Calibre Morricote, the head of the Mansers.

The Prophecy of the Creeping Darkness

A darkness in the deep has been awoke;
An ancient death that feeds on men’s desires.
It creeps and spreads through shadows, mists and smoke,
Possessing all it touches as its prize.
The mighty lion stands and fights alone,
And from her midst one greater shall arise
Uniting all above and all below;
A shining light from which this shadow flies.

PS – line 3 was not in the original, but I couldn’t remember anything about it, except that it had something to do with shadows (thanks to Pepper’s comment in chapter 17).